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Adam R. Hafdahl, Ph.D. (Owner & Principal Consultant)

Welcome to the Web site for ARCH Statistical Consulting, LLC.  I (Adam Hafdahl) help investigators design, analyze, and report empirical research—mainly studies based on quantitative data.  My contributions usually involve analyzing data and interpreting results, but I also support other phases of the research cycle, especially aspects of study design, data collection, and reporting related to data management and analysis.  Most of my clients are academic researchers in the social, behavioral, and health sciences.  My fees are competitive with those of similarly trained and experienced consultants.

My clients’ projects vary widely, as do my contributions.  Many interactions about a specific, easily resolved issue involve only a few billable hours and one or two meetings or e-mail exchanges.  At the other extreme, some consulting relationships involve hundreds of hours and several meetings over multiple years; my role in these may span the entire research cycle of one or more sub-projects, and my contributions may entail supporting grant applications, training and supervising personnel, programming complex analyses, and co-authoring manuscripts.

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Although the above material addresses much of what potential clients typically want to know, every consulting opportunity is unique.   If you have any questions or wish to schedule a FREE initial consultation, please contact me.

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