GEDC - An XML-Based Standard for Genealogy

Bill Kinnersley

GEDC is an XML format for genealogical data. Although it's relatively new, GEDC has already stood the test of time. It has been in everyday use since early 2003, in parallel with its development, and its evolution has been guided by practical needs as they arose. GEDC is currently being used to maintain several genealogies as large as 25,000 persons.

GEDC originated as an outgrowth of the GEDCOM 6.0 Beta spec from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It still bears a superficial resemblance to its predecessor, but many minor changes have been made as well as several major ones.

Especially, GEDC has followed the lead of Gentech's Genealogical Data Model (GDM) and broken away from the mindset implicit in GEDCOM: that genealogical data is entirely consistent and correct. Of course it is not. GEDC makes allowance for conflicting data. It places an emphasis on complete documentation of the sources and the steps in reasoning that led the genealogist to the conclusions that he has drawn.

Download: GEDC