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Fame, Fortune and Art Tougeau


Every once in a while we get an interesting e-mail regarding Art Tougeau.  Here are a few recent examples:

"Here are the two images spotted on www.larryville.com that we might be interested in."  -- Robert Nover, Littell/Houghton Mifflin Publishing ( Mr. Nover was looking for a couple of photos to dress up a math book his company is producing.  He somehow found Art Tougeau and wants to use two photos from Larryville Y2K : a long-distance shot of the parade beginning, and a side-on photo of the Orth-Lopes Looney Car.)


"I'm writing a book on art cars and would like some more information on your Art Tougeau parade. I'm compiling a list of annual art car events from around the country and am wondering if you would like yours included. (How many years have you been doing this? How many cars do you get? Is this apart of a larger event? How many people attend? Is it always held in May?) Thanks." ---  Katie DuMont, Lark Books


"I'm writing a book called Kansas Curiosities about unusual places, things, people in Kansas. It will be published next year by Globe Pequot Press out of Connecticut. Anyway, I want to talk to you about Art Togeau. I LOVE the parade and want to include it in my book." --- Pam Grout


Art Tougeau 2001

Photo Gallery


P0003103_cropped_b.jpg (158462 bytes)

The spirit of Art Tougeau


Getting Ready to Roll


P0003068_6_X_9.jpg (45749 bytes)

Art Tougeau ...


P0003069_6_X_9c.jpg (42848 bytes)

is always on ...


P0003074_6_X_9c.jpg (53481 bytes)

the first Saturday ...


P0003070_6_X_9.jpg (62293 bytes)

of May ...


P0003079_6_X_9b.jpg (54219 bytes)



P0003080_6_X_9b.jpg (57099 bytes)

rain ...


P0003083_6_X_9b.jpg (54091 bytes)

or shine!


The Parade down Massachusetts Street

Img_4190w.jpg (73247 bytes)

The Trophy Car


P0003085_6_X_9.jpg (67628 bytes)

"Baby Mobile" ...


Img_4210w.jpg (71127 bytes)

from Julia Rose and Evondi Weston


P0003086_9_X_6.jpg (68320 bytes)

Gerald Kipp's ...


Img_4211w.jpg (83304 bytes)

fabulous "Wire Bug"


Img_4193w.jpg (74157 bytes)

"Pirates!"  by the Lawrence Arts Center and Freestate High Students


Img_4234w.jpg (64472 bytes)

Charlie Hartman's '65 Mini Cooper 

fronted by a couple of hags from the Short Attention Span Theater


P0003090_6_X_9b.jpg (51891 bytes)

Eric Farnsworth from Garnett amazes us every year ...


Img_4220w.jpg (79861 bytes)

this time with "Chain of Fools"


Img_4196w.jpg (50677 bytes)

Larry Kipp waves from inside his "Flivver"


Img_4198w.jpg (82575 bytes)

"Attitude Adjustment Ray Gun" from David High and Kelly Nightengale


P0003108_6_X_9.jpg (47306 bytes)

"Clown Car"...


Img_4195w.jpg (54739 bytes)

from Pat Slimmer and Richard Backus...these guys are good!


Img_4192w.jpg (61577 bytes)

"Madame Cat" by Jeff Richards and family is a high-dollar Jag covered with cookies using icing as adhesive.  The Richards saw AT'00 when they were house shopping last year.  Looks like they have found a home here in  Lawrence.


Img_4199w.jpg (70428 bytes)

"Quality Youth Arts"  -- covered with CDs -- comes from Gary Smith and the Pelathe Community Resource Center


Img_4201w.jpg (67914 bytes)

The "Princess Chariot" ...


Princess.jpg (76359 bytes)

from the Kang-Moran clan


Img_4202w.jpg (69825 bytes)

Chandelle Ross IS the "Queen of Funk"


Img_4203w.jpg (65457 bytes)

"George M. Cohan Tribute" from Skyler Malone


Img_4204w.jpg (82785 bytes)

New York School's elaborately painted hand cart


P0003084_6_X_9.jpg (61360 bytes)

Van Gogh Mobile Arts ...


Img_4206w.jpg (78381 bytes)

with Lynne Green at the wheel


Img_4209w.jpg (62928 bytes)

Lani Oglesby and Patrick Ecklund in their untitled entry


Img_4212w.jpg (69306 bytes)

A triple-winged motorcycle from Topeka


Img_4208w.jpg (67946 bytes)

Wylma Mortell and Bea Scott return to help us celebrate "Spring"


Img_4213w.jpg (65759 bytes)

The "Keith Haring Art Truck" from art teacher Hannah Rockhill and her students from New York School


Img_4225w.jpg (72210 bytes)

"Engine 13" ...


P0003091_6_X_9.jpg (48887 bytes)

from Steve Smith and Company


Img_4214w.jpg (60073 bytes)

Jim Hillesheim's  gorgeous 1966 Citroen, aptly titled "Art Deco To Go"


Img_4216w.jpg (70099 bytes)

"Glitter Car" 


P0003088_6_X_9c.jpg (52540 bytes)

from Jean Ann Pike and the Social Service League


Img_4218w.jpg (67229 bytes)

John Bowden's painted station wagon with a glittering skirt


Img_4224w.jpg (59185 bytes)

Boog Highberger's entry "Get Real" promotes local currency from the Lawrence Trade Organization


Img_4227w.jpg (46626 bytes)

An art mobile fan


Img_4228w.jpg (65911 bytes)

A little car with a beautifully painted hood


Img_4230w.jpg (74063 bytes)

Cotter Mitchell of the Lonesome Hoboes in the "Big Truck" 


Img_4233w.jpg (73046 bytes)

A collaborative work from 


Img_4242w.jpg (97162 bytes)

"Chevy Aviation Division and the East Lawrence Velcronics Assembly" 


The Awards Ceremony


P0003106_6_X_9.jpg (62444 bytes)

The crowd assembles


Img_4253w.jpg (70146 bytes)

The judges ponder their choices:

  Bev Chapman (left) from Channel 9 news in Kansas City and

Alison Mann (right) from Channel 6 in Lawrence

Jan Biles (not pictured), arts editor from the Lawrence Journal World 


Img_4255w.jpg (85948 bytes)

Judging is fine balance of aesthetics, humor and a sense of who really needs to win a trophy


P0003109_6_X_9.jpg (55393 bytes)

The Slimmers took one home for "Clown Car"

Thanks to Lawrence High Art Teach Wendy Vertacnik and her class. 

their trophies are as much a part of  Art Tougeau as the parade entries


P0003100_6_X_9.jpg (54958 bytes)

"Baby Mobile" was another prize winner


P0003099_6_X_9.jpg (55300 bytes)

KT Walsh admires fine handiwork


P0003107_6_X_9.jpg (55946 bytes)

From right to left: the mayor, my wife and the Richards family


P0003113_6_X_9.jpg (55261 bytes)

What a sweet little car


Img_4261w.jpg (32797 bytes)

KT Walsh and her trophy for

"Chevy Aviation Division and the East Lawrence Velcronics Assembly" 


P0003098_6_X_9.jpg (66007 bytes)

Wylma and Bea have win again this year


Leo Beuerman

At the end of Art Tougeau we have the tradition of showing a wonderful film about an extraordinary man who lived in Lawrence until his death in 1975.  In her Channel series on Lawrence Cornerstones, Alison Mann did a story on Leo.  Access the series at Cornerstones, then look for Leo Beuerman.  Come to AT next year and see the film.

Thanks, Alison!




Img_4266w.jpg (75706 bytes)


Img_4267w.jpg (68261 bytes)


P0003097_6_X_9b.jpg (57087 bytes)


Img_4172w.jpg (43389 bytes)


Img_4171w.jpg (41970 bytes)


Img_4173w.jpg (65751 bytes)


Img_4263w.jpg (64575 bytes)


Thanks to Jean Ann, Joe, Fadra, Barbara, Tom, Wendy and all the

other people who helped make Art Tougeau 2001.  

Thanks to Kyle Gerstner and Wayne Richardson for many of the photos on this page.


Pictures of past Art Tougeau parades.


See you next May!