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Douglas County Commissioner


--- Photo Album ---



SanLuisAll.jpg (70147 bytes)

Carol, Christie, Brownie, Bryan, Hershy (background), Buster (foreground) and me.  



CJSanLuis.jpg (173037 bytes)

At 14,014 feet atop San Luis Peak outside Creede, CO.




Y2K Ski.jpg (68768 bytes)

Carol, Sophie and I cross-country skiing.




Group_overlooking_River.jpg (36249 bytes)

In Great Falls, Montana just after we visited the Lewis & Clark Museum and just before a four-day canoe trip along the Missouri River.   The Kansas River is just as pretty and interesting as the upper Missouri, but Montana offers access, camping areas, and has a strong appreciation of their tourism economy.  It's time for Kansas to develop a bicycle/canoeing corridor that runs all the way from Manhattan to Kansas City. 




Cycling DgCo.jpg (97035 bytes)

Cycling in Douglas County.




Katy.jpg (208136 bytes)

Cycling on the Katy Bicycle Trail in Central Missouri is draws riders from all over the county and supports a bed & breakfast, winery, antique shop and restaurant economy that would have died long ago as airplanes displaced trains as a prime means of public transportation.  A thoughtful system of bicycles trails -- such as the Freedom Trail through eastern Kansas -- would be just as popular and hold just as much economic value.  




At the end of a canoe trip on the Green River in Utah.  The black hands come from having sunscreen on your hands while using aluminum paddles.   [1995]



Zabriski.jpg (132639 bytes)

Carol and I at Zabriski Point in Death Valley, California.




FFRioG.jpg (208146 bytes)

Flyfishing the headwaters of the Rio Grande.





Desk.jpg (114143 bytes)

A desk and chair from fumed oak, a la Gustav Stickley.



ColesBoat.jpg (79429 bytes)

Cole and I made this boat for his father.  One of Carol's quilts in the background.



TomMix.jpg (91489 bytes)

A table lamp memorializing the early cowboy movie star Tom Mix.



Ark.jpg (103000 bytes)

An ark cradle for Rachel.



Frames.jpg (108703 bytes)

Frames around photos of my grandfather.  He was raised on a Wyoming cattle ranch which is still in the family name, owned by a distant cousin.  He also had many stormy days as an appointee to the New Mexico Highway Commission.



DogHouse.jpg (132108 bytes)

A two-door, two-window insulated dog house with license-plate awnings and double-paned windows.  The skin is flattened cans from the Walmart Recycling Center.



Rosie.jpg (168575 bytes)

An art-car cradle ark for Rosie.



The World's Greatest Quilter


Quilt.jpg (130719 bytes)

One of Carol's quilts -- "Tropical Ribbons" -- hanging in our entryway.



Bonita.jpg (188091 bytes)

Carol's Point Bonita gang -- Erma, Georgann, Judy, Carol and Bobbi -- and their collaborative effort.



QNM.jpg (608288 bytes)

Carol's quilt "Memory I" on the cover of Quilter's Newsletter Magazine, January 1990.