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Family Pictures via Shutterfly.  It works best if you right click on the link, then choose to open in a new window.  (You may also order prints pretty cheap from Shutterfly. But I am not promoting that.)


Leah's Birthday 2006

The Three Kids +

Dale's Prom 2007

 KUMC Kick Ball 2008                   Leah 2008

2010 Family Vacation Washington DC   NTI 2008

Amy's Prom      Amy's Graduation    Amy's Winter Formal 

More Fairly Recent Picture Albums:.


Life at Kansas Speedway Spring 2008

Kim's Cruise with the Girls of Her Family



More Picture Albums:


Life at the Kansas Speedway 2006            Reniassance Festival 2006

Dale & Free State Football '06     Homecoming '06  More Football '06

Amy's 16th Bday                   Anniversary '05                 Xmas '05

Spring Break Corvette Museum             Botanical Garden         Leah '06

Amy Freshman Formal       Alaska Cruise part 1   Alaska Cruise part 2


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