ACE Simple Series Ultimate Bipe .25
O.S. .25 engine, JR XP 642 radio, Master Airscrew 9x6 prop.

acebipe1.jpg (45838 bytes)
This is obviously not the original covering as the picture on the box depicts.  I
gave an effort to make this plane appear as closely to a Pitts as possible. I curved
the tail surfaces instead of the Ultimate Bipe square style, and of course, covered
it accordingly.  More to come, as I just finished it and haven't flown it yet.

acebipe2.jpg (43383 bytes)

acebipe3.jpg (55009 bytes)

acebipe4.jpg (37797 bytes)
Well, this plane has flown, and flown very well!  It's a little heavy with a .25-sized
engine, but it works fine as long and the engine keeps running :)