I found these items while cleaning out my garage; they date from the 1980s. The Metalleus stuff is here. It also dates from the 1980s.

"Now the whole earth had one language and few words." (Rough translation Genesis xi.1. Some people say "... and same words." Hard to decide. Not grammatical even in Hebrew.)

Main idea this writing, Western philosophy mostly make big mistake last three hundred year. Many people hear this, think I crazy, not pick up book. But E. F. Schumacher say same thing; his book very popular. Why? So, if speak for me, I live with this. Not many writer have courage.

Here is what happen: first come Descartes modern times. He make major mistake quite a few time, have very bad effect which last till now, effect on object consciousness, nature mind, nature language, nature knowledge, nature moral principles, nature free will, nature happiness even.

Other philosopher come along, after Descartes, like Kant, top dog, but not ferret out Descartes mistake, try to get around mistake, try to get around problem, make mistake much worse.

Why Descartes make mistake? He smart. But can be smart and still make mistake. Descartes not know enough philosophy middle ages, like Aristotle, Aquinas. Why not? Descartes trained in this. But, philosophy middle ages when Descartes go to school taught in stultifying way. Also, time Descartes live, science big deal, everybody want give up past, welcome great new future.

Well, anyway, all wrong. In beginning, people have general terms. Very general broad terms. Then start to make distinctions. Carve up general terms, get little narrow terms. Distinction spread like weeds. Soon, have so many terms, can argue anything, convince many people. Owen Barfield talk about this. Nobody pay any attention.