Other Mushroom Sites
     These links are a few of the many interesting mushroom sites available.  I have selected the ones which I feel are of more general interest to our club members rather than being primarily oriented to an individual club or group.  The descriptions are my impression of the site and may not reflect the intention of the web master.  I will be glad to make corrections if anyone disapproves, and other sites will undoubtedly be added in the future.

The Trichomycetes: Fungal Associates of Anthropods
Professor Robert Lichtwardt, longtime KVMS member, is one of the authors of this book, which is published in its entirety online.  He has given many presentations to the club and has always been extremely interesting.  This is certainly a worthwhile site to explore.
Matchmaker-Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest
This site provides by far the best on line identification key I have found.  While it is designed for the mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest region, it is a great visual key to many species of mushrooms.
Rogers Mushrooms
This site belonging to Roger Phillips is a source to what is probably the most extensive collection of pictures available on the net.  There are over 1500 varieties of mushrooms depicted here.
Mushrooms and Toadstools of the Hampshire and Surrey Borders
This site from our English friends provides a great number of beautiful mushroom photos and, as an added bonus, has links to other natural history sites, including butterflies and dragonflies.
Mushroom Poisoning Case Registry
The North American Mycological Association established  this page to collect and disseminate data on mushroom poisoning in North America.  A report can either be sent by e-mail or a form can be printed for mailing.
Mushroomers Online! Home Page
Dave Fischer's page is unique in that, in addition to numerous links to other sites, it provides a list of names and e-mail addresses of mushroomers who are interested in being listed on the net.
A great variety of mushroom interests are addressed in this site. Newsletters on line, commercial mushroom and cultivation sites are included.
Mycological Resources on the Internet
For the serious amateur or professional mycologist, Kathie Hodge's page is almost indispensable.  It contains links to an overwhelming number of resources relating to the study of mycology.
While MykoWeb relates primarily to the San Francisco area, it provides such a variety of information it should be interesting to any mushroomer.
North American Mycological Association
The official site for NAMA.
North American Mycological Societies
A listing of the amateur mushroom clubs in North America.  The list includes e-mail addresses and web sites when applicable.
Taylor Lockwood's "Treasures from the Kingdom of Fungi"
Some of Taylor's magnificent pictures are displayed on this site.  While just a teaser for his entire program, it is still worth visiting.
The Puget Sound Mycological Society
This certainly is one of the more extensive sites maintained by a mushroom club.  The highlight may be their Spore Prints newsletter, but the range of information invites extended browsing.
Tom Volk's Fungi
In addition to his over one thousand JPEG "Images of Fungi," Tom has provided a variety of other interesting and educational pages.  The pictures are detailed enough to aid in identification.
Dr. Michael Keo is the owner of the Web development company Blue Willow Pages. He collects mushrooms for the MushroomExpert.Com herbarium in Illinois, Michigan, and Colorado.  He is a member of the Mycological Society of America.  There is a wealth of mushroom information on this site.