Myxomycetes Book
    Harold W. Keller was born and raised in Kansas, and attended both Kansas Wesleyan University and the University of Kansas.  One of his instructors was Dr. Robert Lichtwardt, a charter KVMS member.  This background has led to a close association with our club.  He was the featured speaker at the August 1999 club meeting.
    Dr. Keller and Karl L. Braun, retired biology teacher, are the authors of Myxomycetes of Ohio: Their Systematics, Biology, and Use in Teaching.  While the book was written for the Ohio Biological Survey, it is a comprehensive study of Myxomycetes, most of which can probably be found in Kansas as easily as in Ohio.
    Probably few of us have ever studied these nearly microscopic members of the fungal kingdom, but they comprise some of the most attractive and interesting species.  With a good inexpensive hand lens you would be able to enjoy their beauty and diversity.
    The book contains a wealth of information, identification keys, and many good photographs and water color paintings.  It includes sections on classroom teaching, both at the high school and college levels.  Another section provides instruction on the use of a hand lens, and extensive directions for the collection and care of specimens.  The taxonomy of Myxomycetes is discussed in great detail.  This should be a useful book for anyone from the casual collector to the professional.
    The book may be ordered from the Ohio Biological Survey, 1315 Kinnear Road, Columbus OH 43212-1192; MasterCard and Visa phone orders accepted (614-292-9645; FAX: 614-688-4322).  The price is $35 plus 10% postage + 5.75% sales tax for Ohio residents).  Postage in Canada, Mexico, & Central America: 11%, Europe & South America: 15%, Africa, Asia & the South Pacific 16%.