First Kansas Guide

    Wild Mushrooms of the Central Midwest, the first guide to Kansas mushrooms, was written by the late Ansel Hartley Stubbs and published it 1971.  The first two printings of the book were published by the University Press of Kansas.  The book was well received in Kansas, as Ansel lived in Kansas City and was acquainted with many of the members of the Kaw Valley Mycological Society.
    In 1980 the book was republished by The Lowell Press of Kansas City under the name Wild Mushrooms Worth Knowing.  The latter name is perhaps more appropriate as the mushrooms described can be found nearly everywhere in the country.
    Although both books are out of print, there are probably copies still available.  The latest publication contains more than 60 full-color photographs of mushrooms, with a beautiful picture of Pleurotus ulmarius (now known as Hypsizygus ulmarius) on the cover taken by longtime KVMS member Felicia Bart.  Included are easily understandable descriptions with black and white drawings of most of the common mushrooms.  There is a full section of recipes and a handy identification chart.
    As newer field guides have been developed, this book is no longer a "must have" for identification, but as the earliest field guide for the midwest, it qualifies as a collector's item for anyone interested in Kansas mushrooms, and a good addition to your mushroom library.