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Erin Beard (my nephew)

Jessica Nelson (my niece)

Vicki Orwig and her dog Bear

From Left: Great Grandpa Hathaway, Grandpa Hathaway, Rick Orwig, Great Grandma Hathaway, Justine Hathaway, Vicki Orwig, Judy Orwig ('68)

Judy Orwig, Vicki Orwig, Rick Orwig, Nelson Orwig (69)

From Left: George & Joan Kerber, Judy Orwig, Phyliss & Karl Andres (old also, again I'll try to find the date)

Back row: Helen Roof, Floyd Roof (DOD 4/13/1999), Anna Lea Roof

Front row:  Lisa Orwig, Rick Orwig

Note:  Many of these pictures are old and from a project I took up over a year ago.  After purchasing a photo & film scanner (HP PhotoSmart S20) I went about scanning every single slide my dad had in his collection (over 1000!!!).  I have completed that project and have them all safely burned onto cdroms.  If anyone has an interest in a copy drop me a note and I'll get you one.

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