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Painted Patent Pending Terri Lee, 1950 Heart Fund Dress

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I have lots of pictures of vintage Terri Lee dolls for your viewing pleasure.  Information on Terri Lee hospital, history, vintage Terri Lee dolls and clothes for sale and several other Terri Lee home page links for you to visit.  Also Terri Lee convention dates, books and newsletters.

I hope the information provided will help other interested Terri Lee collectors.  If you have any questions about Terri Lee, please email me.  I love to talk Terri.

Heart Fund Dresses

5% of the sales of the Heart Fund Dolls or Valentine Costumes were voluntarily donated to the American Heart Fund Campaign for the treatment of children suffering from Rheumatic Fever.  The American Heart Fund.

              1953                            1953                            1953                                                  1954                          1954                       1951


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