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Anonymous Angls Online Playlist:
Friendly Conversations
Micheal Day, Steve Treder, Troy Burnett, Matt Starks, & Ian Stewart
Ramblin' Joe
Steve Treder, Micheal Day, Troy Burnett
Bluegrass Bonanza
Jim Treder, Matt Starks, Steve Treder, Troy Burnett, Micheal Day
Kansas Redshift
Micheal Day, Steve Treder, Matt Starks, Troy Burnett, Ian Stewart
Addendum IV
Steve Treder, Matt Starks, Micheal Day
Addendum V
Micheal Day, Matt Starks, Steve Treder
Nice to See You
Matt Starks, Micheal Day, Travis Nelson, Troy Burnett
Benny Goodness
Jim Treder, Matt Starks, Micheal Day, Troy Burnett
Sometimes it Seems
Micheal Day
What's The Whether
Micheal Day, Troy Burnett

Anonymous Angls Rendezvous Back Cover Art

Anonymous Angls is an accumulative music project. Combining the talents and efforts of several inspired musicians to create original and experimental music. Diversity thrives within the group. The group is composed of several musicians. They participate in the project at various times and on a variety of levels. They are not your typical "band."

Project Members:
Matt Starks: guitar, piano, banjo, mandolin, bass guitar, saxophone, clarinet, flute, congas, trumpet, fiddle
(Lawrence, KS)
Steve Treder: hand drums, trombone, digeridoo, baritone, misc. percussion
Micheal Day: guitar, mandolin, bass guitar, piano, trombone, trumpet
, digeridoo, drum set, hand drums, harmonica, baritone, vocals, misc. percussion
(Lawrence, KS)
Jim Treder: guitar, piano, harmonica, banjo, vocals
(Loveland, CO)
Troy Burnett: drum set, guitar, misc. percussion
(Dodge City, KS)
Travis Nelson: guitar
(Manhattan, KS)
Ian Stewart: bass guitar
(Lawrence, KS)


Anonymous Angls: What Do You Want To Listen To? Cover Art
What Do You Want To Listen To?

Anonymous Angls: Rendezvous Cover Art

Anonymous Angls: Destinations Cover Art

Anonymous Angls: Compilation Cover Art

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