Saleen Watch List

Following is a list of Saleen ID's that MAY (read disclaimer) be compromised, along with cars known to be totaled or stolen!!! If you run across one of the listed vehicles, check everything closely...

Disclaimer: The following list includes Saleen ID #'s that have had serialized components listed for sale or have been listed as "For Sale" with damage or a salvage title. PLEASE DO NOT automatically excuse any of these as being fake or invalid! Sometimes, very real Saleens have their numbers copied or reproduced by dishonest people - that does NOT mean that the owner of the "REAL Saleen" should be punished for the actions of others...

To add a Saleen ID# to this list, please EMAIL ME with information!

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Always be sure to practice "Safe Saleening" when buying ANY Saleen!

Invest in a copy of "The Saleen Book" BEFORE buying a car!

Check for bumper numbers, console plaques, and underhood plate, depending on year, as well as FORD VIN#.

Always contact Saleen to verify a vehicle BEFORE buying! You'll need the Saleen ID # and the last 6 digits of the Ford VIN number.

For the latest contact info at Saleen, click HERE.




Saleen has NEVER assigned the number 006 to any car!

(Although they built a Saleen Ranger with 006, and MAY be using it on some 08+ vehicles)





1984 - All three 1984 vehicles are safely in the hands of ONE collector. 

If you see a 1984 Saleen for sale, you can bet it's NOT real!


*     *     *     *     * 

1985-088 - Stolen 10/26/09 in Tucson AZ

This 1985 Saleen was stolen sometime late Monday 10/26/09 or early Tuesday right out of owner's driveway. The car means a great deal to my family, and it really makes me mad that someone out there has it. I know we Saleen/ Mustang owners have such a respect for each other, that I am asking you to keep your eyes and ears open in the hope that can get (at least) most of the car back. Here are the details: 1985 Saleen #88 * Red with gold racing stripes * Hayashi Wheels. If you have any information, Please contact the Pima County Sheriff's Office at 520-351-4600 (report#091027056)


85-111 - Wrecked at one point and was sold through Copart salvage auctions. Restored now, and looks nice!


*     *     *     *     * 

86-007 - Console Plaque for sale on Ebay April 2009.


*     *     *     *     * 

87-208 - Totaled by the insurance company in the early 90's. 

After being for sale at at wrecking yard for about four years it was bought by someone to rebuild it. The passenger front subframe was torn off the rest of the chassis. It was reportedly take to Saleen for the rebuild, at first glance Steve said it was not worth the cost. Later after realizing it was in fact a real Saleen and not a clone agreed to take on the project. I never heard if was finished or retitled but I can assure that it should have a rebuilt title.


87-257 - Wrecked - passenger's front. Current status unknown.


*     *     *     *     * 

88-118 - Wrecked - straight-on frontal. Current status unknown.


88-137 - Wrecked - driver's front. Current status unknown.


88-179 - POSSIBLY being parted  out on Ebay Feb 2009. Ad stated "selling wheels and parting out an original 88 Saleen no.179 with 33k miles"


88-220 - Console Plaque removed from car. Whereabouts & condition of vehicle unknown.


88-223 - Console Plaque. Listed on Ebay Feb 2011 on a 1989 4-cylinder car.


88-229 -  Bare shell listed on Ebay Feb 2008. Victorville, CA.


88-245 - Received via email: I wanted to report the demise of 88-0245, I have parts from the car. I was not able to recover the console plaque or under hood plate. I have the bumper cover with numbers. Basically, the car was wrecked and a previous owner switched the Saleen parts from the original '88 Saleen to a '90 LX to produce a Faleen (clone). The parts installed on the '90 included, Strut tower brace, springs, shocks, passenger door, seats (front/rear), shifter, shifter handle, door panels, front air dam, side skirts, rear valance, wing and sub frame connectors. DASH VIN- 1FACP41E9LF197946  -  DOOR VIN- 1FABP41E6JF198710 . The following forum post provides some details: 


88-412 - Sold at salvage auction in Syracuse, NY for 3,400.00 plus fees and transport. Red with grey cloth and shows 55k on speedo. Hit RH front corner. Looks to be fixable. Salvage title from NY. VIN# 1FABP41E9JF231943. October 2010. Listed at auction again Nov 2010.


88-472 -  Wrecked bad in late 90's white hatch, had ssc wheels on it, insurance company took car back (adjuster knew what it was). Showed up in latest registry with new owner?? Hit so hard sideways into tree roof buckled car was bent almost in half and could not retrieve one of the rear floor mats mangled in buckled floor boards!!!


88-544 - Stolen 4/4/09 in Rhode Island. Posted on,, and SCOA website.


88-573 - Engine Bay Plate and Console Plaque listed on Ebay March 2008. According to owner, car was crushed.


88-634 - Salvage Title. Rebuilt and looks good.


88-692 - Stolen, stripped and re-vinned by the state of Texas - originally a dark canyon red with tan interior car.


*     *     *     *     * 

89-027 - Stolen, stripped, recovered & restored. Then stolen AGAIN, stripped and burned to the ground...


89-066 SSC - Console Plaque listed/sold on Ebay Feb 2008.


89-104 - Unknown - A 1988 Mustang  (VIN 111122) was listed on Craiglist March 2009, with 89-104's ID plate...


89-124 - Totaled - per former owner on (Dark Shadow Blue car).


89-142 SSC - Wrecked in 1996 - tore the roof back to the roll cage and there was a 2 inch gap at the top of both doors. The car did still run. The car was hit very hard and had no insurance. Last known to be in Atlanta possibly going to be rebodied!


89-151 (SSC?) - Engine Bay Plate with this vehicle # was installed on a 1993 Mustang convertible (VIN 1FACP44M1PF193348) listed on Ebay Feb 2010. Unknown if 89-151 still exists. Ebay car had an SSC-style interior and lots of Saleen parts.


89-155 SSC - Car was stolen 5-15-08 from Graham Washington .Last spotted in Yelm Washington area 5-16-08. The car has 9800 miles #155. 

UPDATE! - SSC #89-155 was recovered 6/28/08!!! The thieves took razor blades and pealed all the Saleen Decals off the paint. One of the wheels has hit a curb and will need to be replaced. The entire stereo system was stripped out of the car....Stereo, equalizer, speakers in the doors and rear enclosure are all gone!


89-175 - Totaled and parted out. Engine Bay plate also listed on Ebay March 2009 for $500!


89-184 SSC - Car was totaled. Many of the surviving parts were put on a replica built from a 1988 GT, then the original 1989-184 SSC Mustang chassis was rebuilt and restored as 1989-184SSC.


89-215 - Stolen. Stolen in Des Moines WA. Most likely chopped & parted. The hood, nose, doors, hatch, rear bumper (and valance), and side skirts were all put on a 4cyl 79 Capri and repainted twice. Owner ID'd the parts and didn't choose to buy them back. The Capri was part of a murder investigation, so it's unknown what happened to it or the parts on it. The rest of the Saleen has never been found.


89-276 - Salvage Title - Craigslist. Jan 2010.


89- 283 - Totaled out in 2003 in Eaton, Oh, sold to Oklahoma and never heard from since, titled at least.


89-366 - Parted out on Craigslist May 2008, including Underhood Plate.


89-369 - Wrecked & parted Out. Black Hatch.


89-370 - Parted Out on October 2010.


89-390 - Totaled. All Saleen parts and ID plate were removed and transferred to a 1989 Mustang LX (VIN ending in 307210). The LX was listed as Saleen #390 on Ebay March 2009. The description included the following: best friends brother bought a totaled 1989 Saleen and a 1989 Mustang LX.  They dismantled the Saleen and and the LX and took anything and everything that made that car a Saleen and transferred it to the LX.  The only thing that remained on the LX was the VIN number for insurance purposes. Listed again "For Sale" Sept 2010.


89-452 -  Stolen November of 2000 in California. Never recovered. 


89-489 - Salvage NC Title. Ebay May 2010. 


89-520 - Stolen & Stripped. Found completely stripped and gutted, body shell only out in the middle of the desert


89-548 - Wrecked hard driver's side (door)

89-658 - Underdash / Interior Fire. Insurance says totaled, but appears fixable.


89-707 - Reported stolen in California, never recovered.


*     *     *     *     * 

90-036 - Salvage Title. Craigslist - August 2010.


90-069 - Wrecked & parted Out. Black Hatch.


90-238 - Reported stolen California Nov 2006. Unknown if it was recovered or not.


*     *     *     *     * 

91-040 - Salvage Title. Ebay - October 2010.


*     *     *     *     * 

92-007 - POSSIBLY stolen when new - unable to verify information. White Hatch.


92-011 - POSSIBLY stolen from Long Island NY - unable to verify information. White Hatch.


92-050 - Reported stolen, never recovered.


*     *     *     *     * 

93-007 SA-10 - Reported stolen, never recovered.


93-007 - Stolen. Red Coupe.


93-011 SC - Listed in Saleen Book without a VIN#.


93-070 - Stripped in New York. Black vert had scca legal roll cage. Later sold at an auction - possibly now in up-state NY with someone that possibly worked for liberty ford??






94-010 S351 - Severely burnt, then crushed.


94-035 S351 - Totaled. Car was parted out prior to 2005.


*     *     *     *     * 

95-024 SR - Totaled. Parted out by MPS Salvage on Ebay - July 2000.


*     *     *     *     * 


96-011 S351 Console Plaque. Listed on Ebay Feb 2011

96-012 S351 - Stripped. Rebuildable.

96-014 - Totaled. Heavy rear damage, as well as front & driver's side damage.


96-019 S281 Console Plaque, Engine Bay Plate and Bumper # set. Listed on Ebay March 2011


96-099 - Wrecked. Listed on Cragislist Feb 09. Appeared to be rebuildable.


96-314 - Totaled, rollover. Black coupe VIN 1FALP42X3TF212022.


96-341 - Wrecked in Texas. S281 vert 1FALP45X4TF199311. Needs drivers fender, door, and top. Sept 2010.


*     *     *     *     * 

97-??? - Parts Car. 281 Coupe VIN # 1FALP42X1VF114612.


*     *     *     *     * 

98-037 EXPLORER - Wrecked. Frame damage. Appeared to be rebuildable.


98-104 - Salvage title Saleen Cobra. Offered for sale on in 2005 after being rebuilt with a salvage title. Has subsequently re-appeared for sale other places, with NO mention of the previous Salvage Title...







1999-2004 (year unknown) Car # 346 -  Totaled "movie car".


99-124 - Parted Out on Craigslist - December 2008.


99-157 - Engine Bay Plate listed on Ebay August 2008. Engine Bay Plate offered for sale - auction removed by Ebay.


99-226 - Used on a replica. Ebay May 2007. Engine Bay Plate was an obvious fake, and did not match Ford VIN.


99-232 - Totaled 1/5/09. Reported by owner.


*     *     *     *     * 

2000- Unknown # 


00-??? - Parts Car. S281 Coupe VIN #1FAFP42X1YF122095


00-007 - Saleen replica with authentic looking plate. Car was offered for sale on Ebay October 2006. 00-007 not in registry & was not used in 2000. 


00-025 - Totaled. White 'vert.


00-027 - Salvage Title. Car listed on Ebay with minor damage Feb 2009. Salvage title issued but repairable.


00-210 - Salvage Title. Moderate front hit. New fenders (Ford) Saleen hood, Saleen front bumper, front heat exchanger & heat exchanger pump all new. There was no frame damage, all this took place at 37 thousand miles. Craigslist & Ebay March 2009.


00-265 - Engine Bay Plate and Console Plaque removed & installed on a replica. Replica offered for sale on May 2008.


00-406 - Wrecked in front. Unknown if repaired or totaled.


00-417 - Parted Out. Hit in Front. Drivetrain sold - chassis converted into racecar.

00-628 - Wrecked in front. Unknown if repaired or totaled.


00-702 - Salvage Title. Left Front damaged - fender & hood.


00-728 - Salvage Title. No information on type of damage. Repaired and looks OK. Ebay March 2009.


00-749 - Engine Bay Plate and matching Console Plaque sold on Ebay March 2008.


*     *     *     *     * 

2001-Unknown # 

01-??? - Parts Car. 
2001 S281 convertible VIN #1FAFP45X31F148179.


01-??? - Damaged but repairable. A supercharged yellow 2001 vert. Bumper number unknown. VIN #1FAFP45X21F140980. Needs front sheet metal, passenger door, suspension, airbags, BUT IS repairable. Someone painted all the plastic on the inside yellow.


01-272 - Wrecked. S281 SC vert. Back half hit and tweaked hard. Not repairable. Dark blue with medium grey interior. Engine Bay and console plates on Ebay Oct 2010.


01-366 - Engine Bay Plate listed on Ebay March 2009. Car was wrecked in front and being sold separately as a bare shell.


01-860 - Listed for Sale with Salvage title due to vandalism. Utah - January 2009.


01-981 THRU 01-1005 - These are EXTRA NEW Saleen Console Plaques which were listed on Ebay March 2009.

New plaques in plastic wrappers. Watch out for replicas sporting ANY of these car numbers!


01-1165 THRU 01-1180 - S281 - New Overrun Console Plaque - offered on Ebay Oct-Dec 2010


*     *     *     *     * 

02-047 - Faked Engine Bay Plaque on Ebay October 2010.


02-060 Extreme - Totaled. It was Beryllium too!


02-070 Console Plaque & Engine Bay Plate - advertised at MPS Dec 2010


02-126 - Car being parted out by MPS Salvage May 2008.


02-209 OR 02-289 (Can't make out number clearly) NM Salvage title. 


02-246??? - Listed on Copart. VIN was listed as 1FAFP42X52F135861, which does not match the bumper # on the car. August 2010.


02-332 - Salvage Title. Offered on Ebay Oct 2009. Iowa salvage title due to hail damage.


02-521 - Wrecked Hard - Listed on Ebay Jan 2010. Hit hard passenger front. Roof buckled. Car was being sold complete with no title available.


02-593 - Reported that it was totaled by insurance company Sept 2009. Owner bought it back and was rebuilding.


*     *     *     *     * 

03-012 - Used on a replica "Saleen Cobra" convertible. Dec 2007

There is a white "Saleen Cobra" convertible floating around with the number 03-012 on it. It is a Saleen REPLICA built on a real Cobra chassis, not a real Saleen Cobra. Car #12 in 2003 was a S281 Coupe, not a Saleen Cobra Convertible!


03-077 THRU 03-089 - S281E - New Overrun Console Plaque - offered on Ebay Oct-Dec 2010


03-164 - Car being parted out by Prestige Mustang May 2008.


03-192 - Car being parted out on Ebay Feb 2008.


03-279 - Recovered theft. Stripped shell on Ebay May 2008.

Authentic Hollywood Horsepower car, stripped down to the shell. It was stolen off the lot at Dale Jarrett Ford in NC. The insurance company recovered the shell, and a new owner added the k-member, suspension, fenders, doors, deck lid, and registered it with the Saleen registry. The shell was sold it to a guy in Michigan. A few days after the sale,  Saleen called the owner listed in the registry stating that the car had shown up at the service department at a Ford dealer in NC because the computer went bad... Turned out a used car dealer originally stole the car, stripped it and then bought a wrecked car and transferred everything onto the wreck. He never removed the VIN numbers or any of the Saleen decals. The cars were the same color. Needless to say he ended up in jail for awhile. The car he put the parts on sold through the local salvage auction with the auction house listing it as a complete car with rebuilt title. They never stated it was a clone. It sold for $18K.


03-364 - Wrecked. VIN 1FAFP42XX3F444372. Dark shadow grey NA car with 53k miles. The car went through a chain link fence and has been on ebay for some time. Needs a lot of work (ie: new bumper cover, full paint job, new hood scoop, etc) to get it back into shape. August 2010.


03-374 - Engine Bay Plate offered on Craigslist Houston - December 2008.


03-410 THRU 03-420 - S281 - New Overrun Console Plaque - offered on Ebay Oct-Dec 2010


*     *     *     *     * 

04-024 - Parted Out. Long Island Craigslist March 2010.


04-037 THRU 04-046 - S281E - New Overrun Console Plaque - offered on Ebay Oct-Dec 2010


04-056 - Hard front collision, possibly totaled. Richmond VA Craigslist May 2008. Listed again March 2009.


04-074 FOCUS N2O - Salvage Title. Salvage Title. LA Craigslist Jan 2010. Appears fixable. 


04-459 THRU 04-476 - S281 - New Overrun Console Plaque - offered on Ebay Oct-Dec 2010





2005up-Unknown# Full VIN 1ZVFT82H265241649


2005up- #762  Wrecked. Extent of damage is unknown.


2005up- Cars #1100 and 1101??? These 2 cars were damaged in a fire, rumored to be at the Saleen factory.


05-023 - Extensive fire damage to interior and some body panels. Listed on Ebay March 2009 (last 3 of Ford VIN are 437)

05-023 and 05-322 were both listed on Ebay in March 2009 for sale by same seller, who suggests that they "could be" rebuilt as one car...


05-322 - Hit HARD Driver's Front. Unknown if totaled or repaired. Impact was hard enough to break off corner of cylinder head. Listed on Ebay Jan & March 2009 (last 3 of Ford VIN are 494)

05-023 and 05-322 were both listed on Ebay in March 2009 for sale by same seller, who suggests that they "could be" rebuilt as one car...


05-498 - Hit in front. Listed on Ebay Sept. 2009 with a Tennessee salvage title. Appeared repairable.


05-672 - Details unknown.


05-1348 - Totaled December 2008


*     *     *     *     * 

2006-Unknown #


2006-Unknown # Wrecked hard - driver's front. Located in Tennessee. Salvage company ad said it was a 2006; some internet discussion on if the pictured car was an Extreme or not... 


06-166 Listed on Copart. S281-3V - Full VIN 1ZVFT82HX65120335 


06-334 - Engine Plate and Dash Plaque on Ebay. March 2010.


06-1025 - Ford VIN 1ZVHT82H965208107. SC auto car. Blue.

06-1577 - Wrecked down driver's side. Current status unknown.


*     *     *     *     * 

07-004 Wrecked / totaled January 2010. Vista Blue S281SC - sustained severe frontal and undercarriage damage. Owner is attempting to buy car back from insurance company to part out.


07-12E Extreme - Wrecked passenger side front & rear. Current status unknown. 


07-044 H281 - Totaled, front impact. Heritage Edition - Ford VIN 1ZVFT82H775221334.


07-073 - S 331 Saleen Truck  - Burnt Badly. Red S/C, engine, cab, 1/2 of bed. Totaled . In Rodgers, AR. Dec 2010


07-223 - Totaled, front impact. Listed on Dec 2010.


07-565 - Engine Bay Plate listed on Ebay April 2008


*     *     *     *     * 

08-007 - Engine Bay Plate listed on Craigslist - December 2008. Unknown if this was a S302E, Stirling, or S281 version.